Mark Bradford Wedding Photography

Thanks for visiting us

We are now unfortunately closing our Wedding Photography business and are not accepting new bookings.

This site will remain functional for our existing customers for the foreseeable future and of course we will continue to protect your images so they will be available to you in the future.

We've really loved working with you all and our passion for photography remains as strong as ever.

Mark and Jo


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10 Reasons People Love Working With Us

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1/10 - It’s about your wedding, not our business.

We know it’s not a photo shoot. It’s not about our blog or our portfolio, it’s the most important day of your lives. We let you enjoy it, we shoot you enjoying it and then we show you how much you enjoyed it. 

2/10 It’s not a numbers-game.

We know our perfect client: Rich? Maybe but who cares. Look like models? Nice for them but not important to us. They don’t get married at a certain venue or spend a certain amount of money on their wedding or with us.

Our perfect client gets us and gets photography it’s important to them and they get how important it is to us.

3/10 This is our life

We live Weddings. We’ve never seen or shot two the same. But we know how they work and why you’re doing it. What it means and how it feels, what you need us to do and when you need us to step back.

We'll be smiling almost as much as you will!

4/10 People trust us

That’s what you do when you hire us and we understand that. It’s not just a job, it’s the biggest day of your lives.

5/10 We're proud of our style

We don’t pigeonhole you or us. We are not “documentary” or “traditional” or “vintage” or anything else - We have our own style. We take great photos of your day, great photos of you and great photos of your guests.

6/10 We shoot it all

We love details, we love shoes, favours, flowers and themes. So we shoot them. But we know Weddings are about emotions, love, commitment, family, people... So we shoot those too.

7/10 It’s everything to us

We’ll do what it takes to get the shot: Put the camera on a 10ft pole to shoot the crowd? Yep. Lay on the floor for the confetti shot? Yep.

Photography is not about pressing the button, it’s about everything you do up to that point.

8/10 We don’t watch the clock

We’re nice and we help out. We’re with you all day and we are there to help you make the day run smoothly. Time’s not important, a great wedding and cool photos are.

9/10 You can relax and enjoy yourself

We don’t tell you what to do, we don’t tell your guests what to do and we keep out of your way until you’re ready for your portraits.

10/10 We’re married too . . .

. . . so we get it. And we can trust each other to do their bit to make sure you get everything you need. We know when to leave you alone, when to give you space, when to whisk you away and when you just need some help.